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The GCMS (Global Case Management System) is a centralized information system used by the Government of Canada and IRCC to keep and process all the immigrant applications and cases. More simply put, all your information and documents since you first applied for a visa (student, visitor, work, permanent residence, citizenship) for Canada is stored in GCMS. The GCMS is a storehouse of everything related to your file, including the completed application, any supporting documents, correspondences sent to and received from IRCC and every detailed comment made by the reviewing officers. These notes can be a significant asset in knowing in detail about your visa application, its status, reasons for refusal and if there is anything required for you to submit towards the fulfilment and success of your application.

GCMS DOCUMENTS can be used to:

  • Check if your representative/lawyer has done a good work 
    You can see documents to find if they lawyer has made any mistakes/omissions on the documents submitted with your application.
  • Recover any lost documents or information
    You can see the previously submitted documents in case you have lost one and this can be used in your next application.
  • Check if all the documents were submitted
    You will get all the documents submitted for the application and can see if any documents has been missed by you or any wrong document is uploaded in place of other required document.
  • Check all communication
    You will also receive copy of all the communication to/from IRCC and can see when and how you or your representative have contacted the IRCC , and to do what and also when has the IRCC contacted you with what information.
  • Get Canadian visa refusal reasons in detail
    Check the document submitted that led to refusal. Check the document with incomplete or missing information.
  • Speed up your Canadian visa application
    Reviewing your documents, you can take necessary steps to speed up your visa application by yourself submitting any required documents if your representative has missed it to prevent any possible delays.

By ordering GCMS DOCUMENTS, you will get:

  • Receive copies of all documents/supporting documents ever sent to/from IRCC
  • Receive copies of all the communication to/from IRCC
  • These documents number depend from client to client and how many previous applications has the client had. It can consist of any number of pages and include each and every document submitted related to the application or the applicant (UCI No) and each and every record of communication made by any mean of communication to/from IRCC.
  • Delivery time varies for GCMS DOCUMENTS and is usually longer than GCMS NOTES.