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The GCMS (Global Case Management System) is a centralized information system used by the Government of Canada and IRCC to keep and process all the immigrant applications and cases. More simply put, all your information and documents since you first applied for a visa (student, visitor, work, permanent residence, citizenship) for Canada is stored in GCMS. The GCMS is a storehouse of everything related to your file, including the completed application, any supporting documents, correspondences sent to and received from IRCC and every detailed comment made by the reviewing officers. These notes can be a significant asset in knowing in detail about your visa application, its status, reasons for refusal and if there is anything required for you to submit towards the fulfilment and success of your application.

GCMS NOTES can be used to:

  • Track your Canadian visa application status
    Receive complete information about the progress of your application on your fingertips.
  • Get Canadian visa refusal reasons in detail
    You can specially request case history of your visa file at each individual stage including the assessing immigration officer’s comments or analysis on your file.
  • Check completeness and accuracy of your Canadian visa application
    Confirm the details submitted for your visa file and take corrective measures if any mistake has been made without a refusal in hand or possible delays.
  • Prepare for any future requests or enquiries in Canadian visa application
    Check the insights of your visa processing to see if any additional documents can be requested at later stage.
  • Prepare for interviews
    Check the reason for the immigration officer wanting to do interview and know what concerns he has and prepare before hand for success of your visa application.
  • Understand your Canadian visa application in detail
    Get firsthand information about your Canadian visa application processing through various stages of the application. You can also know about any possible additional document request (ADR), Personal Interview, or the estimated visa processing timing for your application.
  • Speed up your Canadian visa application
    Reviewing your file, you can take necessary steps to speed up your visa application by yourself submitting any required information or making amends to your visa file.

By ordering GCMS NOTES, you will get:

  • Electronic case notes of IRCC officers in email.
  • These notes are usually anywhere between 40-200 pages and they include each and every detail in steps of process of your application.
  • Standard 30 days delivery.