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CBSA NOTES and CSIS NOTES refer to information obtained via Canada Border Services Agency and Canadian Security Intelligence Service regarding your border crossing information or other visa related information.

CBSA also uses the Global Case Management System (GCMS) like IRCC to keep and process the data and application pertaining to a visa application filed to Canada. Due to this, GCMS NOTES and CBSA NOTES look quite same. But the difference is that GCMS NOTES has the security information redacted whereas CBSA NOTES has security information available. Moreover, it also includes the complete travel (Entry/exit) and stay history of the applicant in the Canada.

CSIS NOTES disclose the information related to the applicant’s file. It discloses when the file was received and when was the processing completed. It also contains all the background/security information CSIS has pertaining to your file. So, the applicants can order CSIS NOTES to check the status of their Security, Background check related to their immigration application. These are usually ordered when the Immigration application is not finished in the stipulated time to check if there is any issue pertaining to the background check or security screening.


CBSA/CSIS NOTES can be used to:

  • Obtain border crossing information:
    When applying for citizenship or renewing PR card, you need the number of days stayed in Canada to be eligible. CBSA NOTES provides you that information.
  • Obtain Entry exit information:
    You can know about all the time you have entered in Canada and which port you entered through to Canada via CBSA NOTES.
  • Check for delays in visa application:
    CSIS NOTES help us to figure out what is happening with our security screening and security check and why is our application getting delayed.
  • Check for delays in GCMS NOTES:
    Applicants might order CBSA NOTES when their GCMS NOTES are being delayed.
  • Apply for Citizenship:
    While applying for citizenship, you have to provide the exact dates when you have stayed in Canada and CBSA NOTES can help you to get exact information so the application is not delayed or rejected.
  • Apply for PR card renewal:
    You need to provide number of days stayed in Canada and exact dates for PR card renewal. Applicant could also have information handy, but it is always advised to get exact information as per CBSA by order CBSA NOTES to prevent any delays in the application.

By ordering CBSA/CSIS NOTES, you will get:

  • Border crossing information
  • Stipulated Time and Date of stay in Canada
  • Entry/exit to/from Canada information as per CBSA
  • Detailed notes of Immigration file from CBSA
  • Security Screening and background check information from CSIS
  • Delivery time varies for CBSA NOTES/CSIS NOTES and is usually longer than GCMS NOTES