Where has your Canadian Immigration application reached?

Where has your Canadian Immigration application reached?

If you have applied for a Canadian Visa, this is the question that everyone will ask you and probably the only question you’ll be concerned about. We know, and we know it very well how exhausting and tiresome the visa process can be. From the time you google- “How to go to Canada” to the moment you arrive in Canada, every day and every minute is nerve-wracking and can be very worrisome.


So, what do you do when you’re waiting for the final result of you file? The only thing that’s in your hands while you have submitted your application is preparing for the next steps- be it any more documentation, inquiries, or ways to deal with the refusal. And the only way you could prepare yourself is by ordering GCMS notes.


A storehouse of all the information you have submitted to CIC and their correspondences to you, these notes can be extremely helpful to give you that peace of mind during all that anxiety that surrounds your visa application, be it visitor, work, study, PR or citizenship. These notes give you every single detail and help you prepare for anything that needs to be done towards the fulfilment of your application.


To apply for your GCMS notes, just click here.

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